Patiks are cute!


Patiks are Cute!

It was another Saturday night gathering with friends. We had a fantastic time as always, delicious dishes from different parts of the world, heart to heart conversations and much warmth, care and love on a freezing Toronto night.

As I was wearing my heavy winter boots and getting ready to leave, our young friend, Duygu was also putting on her boots. Only, they were not her boots!

“Laury has the exact same boots as mine, same model, brand, and colour! She wore mine by mistake”, she explained.

Laury’s boots were too big for Duygu and she hoped that they could exchange back the next day.

“Can you give me a ride to the subway, Nasrin?”

“Of course!”

We made our way through the ice and snow piled up in the back of the parking lot to the car and squeezed in. As we settled in and started to warm up, so did our conversation.

“What are you up to these days, Nasrin?”

“I’m starting a business with my friend, Ozen. You remember her. Right?” She did.

“We are working with some talented women in Turkey on handmade bags and knitted patiks.”

“Oh yea, patiks! They are cute!”

Duygu’s reaction, as cute as patiks, made me laugh. “Yes, they are!”

“When I was growing up in Ankara, in winters my mom always said, “Wear your patiks! Keep your feet warm, so you don’t get sick. I think patiks are so cute”, she continued.

It was bitterly cold and she had the wrong boots on. I offered to drive her home, and that gave us a chance to talk more. Duygu was as lovely and entertaining as always. But this time, as she was talking about her childhood memories, I felt a slight nostalgia in her voice.

“You have to meet my mom, Nasrin. You remind me of her. I can’t tell what it is exactly, but you are similar in some ways. You two should meet“.

“I love to meet your mom next time she’s in Toronto, sweetie”.

We stopped in front of her house and said our goodbyes and goodnights. As she was getting out of the car, I couldn’t help reminding her a couple of times to watch it and walk slowly on the patches of ice and snow covering the lovely downtown street. She assured me she would.

I drove home in the silence of the night illuminated by snow and thought about Duygu and her misplaced boots. I hoped she could make an arrangement with Laury to get their boots back soon. Duygu, still in her twenties, is a hardworking professional. I know some nights, she stays at her office until midnight to meet deadlines. I thought about her memories of her hometown, Ankara and her mom. And I thought how wonderful it is that here in Canada, we can share so much together, recipes, stories, and goods from all around the world!


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