About Us

Welcome to "ON Bags and Patiks".

We are  Ozen and Nasrin, the store owners. In the summer of 2018, after 17 years of friendship, we decided to start a business together and by early 2019, "ON Bags and Patiks" was launched. Our brand "ON" stands for Ozen and Nasrin and celebrates many years of friendship, sisterhood and now, entrepreneurship!

From the beginning, our goal was to bring high-quality items from Turkey to North America, with a focus on hand-made pieces and non-leather bags. We wanted to partner up with women who work from home to contribute to their household income, or those who enjoy pursuing their passion and turning their hobbies, creativity, and skills into a business. We're grateful to have achieved that with our first collection of Bags and Patiks.

We plan to add new collections as well. Connecting with artists and artisans, exchanging ideas, and sharing projects makes our work even more joyful. Please visit us often to learn about our new products and projects.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our store and every single product that you purchase from us. 

Feel free to contact us by clicking here, if you have any questions. You may also contact by messenger, or email at info@bagsandpatiks.com 

Thank you.

Ozen and Nasrin